Event History

EVENT HISTORY. Austin saw it's first major food truck festival in 2010 with the Gypsy Picnic (Tiffany Harelik and C3 Presents). With 30 trucks, live music and nearly 30,000 fans, we learned a lot about the food truck festival business and came back for a repeat in 2011.

Subsequently, Eric Silverstein (The Peached Tortilla), Dan Stacy (The Seedling Truck) and Trailer Food Diaries Cookbook author Tiffany Harelik joined forces with the Long Center in 2012 to launch Trailer Food Tuesdays, a series of food truck gatherings on the last Tuesday of the month.

In 2013, Tony Yamanaka of Food Trailers Austin replaced Dan and Food Trailer Productions LLC was formed between Tiffany, Tony and Eric. The 2013 season started in March 2013 and was held through October 2013. The following season ran from April to October 2014 and hosted between 8-10 food trucks per event on the Long Center Terrace along with live music.

Trailer Food Tuesdays continues to expand with increased attendance. The 2015 season offered a larger foot print, increased food truck participation to 15-19, live music, experience vendors and a festival atmosphere.

The 2018 season is just around the corner! The event will be on held June 19, July 17 and August 7.

Our Partners

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Founding Partner: Media 

Tiffany Harelik is an acclaimed writer and event creator for people who love cookbooks, adventures, and live music. Her publishing portfolio spans more than a dozen cookbooks filled with quirky characters and their heirloom recipes starting with her first series Trailer Food Diaries, and...

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Partners: Operations

Tony & Christina Yamanaka brought their expertise in event operational management and passion for food trucks to the Trailer Food Tuesdays team in 2013. Tony & Christina are the founders of foodtrailersaustin.com, the Austin Food Trailer Alliance and the Mobile Food Throwdown and they work hand-in-hand to produce top-flight events throughout the country.

Together, the...

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Best known for his food truck turned restaurant concept The Peached Tortilla Eric Silverstein's menu has been recognized by multiple national media outlets.

Eric and his team created an Austin dining experience that merges the familiar with something new: their menu is based on simple Southern comfort food with an Asian flare. The taste and quality of their menu items...