Food truck culture is one small part of the attractive food scene in Austin, Texas. And with no shortage of creative chefs within the food truck world, you have to have an excellent menu in order to get an invitation to participate in Trailer Food Tuesdays. From gourmet tacos, to burgers with tomato jam and a fried egg, as well as fresh, organic vegan fair, and desserts to keep you cool; every culture, and every type of food is represented on the city terrace. We’ve pulled three stories and recipes from trucks in our June food truck line up from Tiffany Harelik and Renee Casteel Cook’s food truck cookbook series: The Trailer Food Diaries.


An excerpt from The Best of Trailer Food Diaries

Carlos Acosta was ready to open a small restaurant in Mexico when he and his cousin, and now business partner, Mauricio Davila, then living in San Diego, visited to Austin where they found a burgeoning food truck scene and open and eager customers. Deciding to change course and embark on a mission to “bring a piece of...